dinsdag 11 mei 2010

A Deadline To Catch

NOES!! As you can see... if you see it... you noticed that I (well.. almost) draw girlystuff!! Maby because girls are easy to draw... or I like drawing girlystuff more! D: Who knows! I don't so that be weird if someone else than me knows why I draw girlystuff... *thinks* OR! It's because I'm a girl... now that shouldn't be the reason!!

Anyway who cares! I am already trying to draw more guys... but most of the time they and up as girls xD

But that's not what I wanted to type over here! Because I got a Deadline to catch... IN 3 WEEKS!! Yes you read it well! 3 weeks! "About what?" can I hear you think, well... About my internship off course!! The time really goes fast o.O 3 weeks ago we thought that we could take it easy... and now we have to go work very hard! Not that I mind... because it's a awesome project and now I'm busy with the background and the 'flat' itself! I really can tell you a lot about my internship... but than this message would be way to long!
If you want to know more about it, you can watch this very nice blog: Willeke Beekmans *it is in Dutch* You can find almost every information 'till now. But because it's Dutch I don't know if you would understand; for some of you that is...

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