zondag 9 mei 2010


Yeey!! It's Mothersday today! And I have made some muffins!! For the first time in my life.. on my own... without some help from my mum!! But that's normal on Mothersday... because our Mum's are not aloud to help us on Mothersday!!

How good is that?? :D

Anywho I made some "Mothersday-breakfast-muffins" But I didn't make them in the morning... but I started to make them 2 and a half our ago.. So they turned out to be "Mothersday-evening-muffins" instead!

Uhm... yeah... well... this was the setting were I was working... On the kitchen table, in the way of others so they couldn't pass me :P Right........ So when I mixed everything like the book said (yes I need books to make muffins even it is a very easy recipe) And after I filed those things... and had put them in the oven they came out like this:Small... light... not the colour brown they said in the book it would have been! So I was dissapointed... BUT HEY! It's my first time right? So it's aloud!! :D

Anywho I also had to put some icing sugar on top of it!

*really like this picture... don't know why but I like it*

But, because it was my first time... they tasted... as you can guess... TERRIBLE!!! So my dad came with a splendid idea: WE PUT SOME JAM ON IT!! So we did! (love my fathers idea's sometimes!!)

And we lived happily ever after knowing I'm not good in making muffins and for every mother: HAPPY MOTHERSDAY!!

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