zondag 23 mei 2010

Sketch III

It's a "Ava-Scharkentar" !!!
Well it suppost to be just a Scharken, 'schaap' (sheep) and 'varken' (pig). But it worked out as a combination of those two and Avatar. *Truelly that wasn't the meaning of it*
Anywho! I was talking with my friend Martijn, and we talked just some randomness, and so it happend to be that we thought about "Scharkens", don't know why we mixed up those two animals, but we did. And we also thought that it would be funny to draw some! But as I draw my "Scharken" it turned out a whole different way, and before I knew it, it had the nose of those blue people from the movie Avatar! *I did saw the movie, but I don't remember much of it actually, like the names and all, well just Pandora and that's it... ghehe (a)* Sweet!! :D

But this is a strange random sketch thing about it and it's not to make fun of the movie Avatar, cause I think that movie was pretty awesome made with all the Special Effects; I can't watch movies normally anymore since I study Animation myself! Like I only focus on the special effects! NOES!! Dx

pictures are from google ~ Avatar belongs to James Cameron

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