woensdag 9 juni 2010

30 seconds to mars

Yesterday was finally the day that 30 Seconds to Mars gave a concert in 013, Tilburg!!!
It was soo freakin awesome that I still cannot believe I was there, and still see this as a dream I had last night... which isn't, but still I got that feeling. Maby that's because it was my first concert ever, idunno... Never been to a concert before so I can't tell.

Not just the music was nice... nice is maby not the word for it... cause it was way much better than nice! Why on earth do I use nice, while it was more than awesome?? Anywho!! I was telling something... I really loved Jareds jokes and all and Shannon... WOW!! Just wow.. got nothing more to say 'bout that!! So beautifull and awesome the way he plays the drum!! Really enjoyed that =D And don't forget about Tomo!!! Love his long hair! And when he had put all that glow-in-the-dark toys on, he looked great :P

Still wondering why I still got my voice... strange... I really did scream last night!!

* And than suddenly he was nothin more than 3 and a half meter away from us!! And also kinda scary 'cause he looked at us!! Terribly cute!! To bad the other pictures didn't worked out as well =(

2 opmerkingen:

  1. WE'RE ALL PERVERTS! =D Het was echt amazing <3

  2. Yeah, taking pictures @ indoor concerts FAILs most of the time. Best moment to shoot some are when there's red or blue light shining at the stage, highest chance of seeing anything at all XD

    Or that's my experience... Anyvay, concerts ftw!!!