maandag 28 juni 2010

Knight Molly

Hi everyone!

Let me introduce to you Knight Molly. Knight Molly is one of the fantasized characters of Molly who is the maincharacter of my Final School Project. At least that is what I want it to be.

Because my teachers aren't very clear about the Final School Projects, like you have to make an team-project or working alone or working alone with your own Project, really makes me kinda crazy because I want my own project in which Molly is the main character. But well... One teacher says that I can work alone and the other says it has to be team-projects. But I really don't want team-projects, cause how else can I get al of my points if I have to work with someone else?? I just don't see that happen.

Anywho Knight Molly is just a rough sketch and there are going to be 3 other fantasized characters of Molly, some of you already know, but for those who dont know, there is gonna be a 'Normal Molly', 'Knight Molly', 'Detective Molly' and a 'Pirate Molly'.

If my concepts are accepted by my teachers, so I can work on my own Final School Project, you will hear a lot more about it and will witness everything: from the beginning 'till the end!


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