donderdag 15 juli 2010

We all do love blue

You know... I think I want to make some collection about 'The Big Blue Whale". I really do like him actually and I have had some nice comments about him, here behind my computer but also on my DeviantArt. Even a nice comment that it would be a good children's book cover! So that made me think: I wanna make more!!! :3 That would mean that I'm am gonna make more sketches 'bout my big blue whale... and work them out just like my previous message c: It only would thake a while to see them, cause I'm also working on my Final School Project!! Yes thats right, I, finally, may work alone on my own project! So happy 'bout it! All though I didn't come very far till now with my project.. so I really got to work hard and also on this idea of mine to make a collection 'bout "the big blue whale"

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