donderdag 12 augustus 2010

It's Time... make something!! Haven't been here for a while... I think, it seems to feel that way. Anyhow! I really got to make something and put on this blog again! Cuz it's feeling empty, the last thing we want here! So I decieded that I'm gonna show you the Background that I've made for Martijn's Sap Opera Project. I'm just gonna show you a few, not all, thats going to be to much I think. Here they are!! Enjoy:

(up) I think this one is the best I made till now =3 (down) for the church, not yet with stained-glass windows

(down) same story as above =P

Thats it for today B) These days I'm going to work on my Final School Project, on which my idea changes all time; again and again and again. So a lots of work to do, and for now: have a nice day!

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  1. Oh you cruel woman! You just denied all your followers the awesomeness of the Doors of the Church D:

    JK, thnx for the link and all the good stuff you've done so far. The backgrounds really added to the Sapopera experience :P