zaterdag 7 augustus 2010

Kinder Vakantie Spelen II

It is over... Those 2 weeks went terribly fast!! I must say I'm really suprised...
(I won't make this message long... cuz I'm not feeling well and I'm burned by that horrible thing called 'the Sun'!! And because I got Hay Fever.... *sneeze*... great.... )

Where was I... Oh I see... The KVS was much fun, but very weary! I loved the things I had to make at the 'Crea' like 'drawing comics'. Really loved that, and I wasn't the only one; The children also loved it =D
I didn't sleep well though... and expecially the last night cuz it was 'the sleep night', wich means: a lot of fun, guests, music, games, 'derrie douche' and more.... till 22.3o pm, which is late for the children but also for the volunteers, and well... the children stay, for those who wants to sleep in their selfmade huts. And the volunteers that would sleep in there own bed left around 23:00 pm, like myself. Next morning: 7 o'clock we had to be on the field... I believe I was still sleeping while I was there. And that day... which is yesterday... was Cleaning day!! We had to clean the whole field cuz the KVS was over for everybody. Uhm yeah.. I think I'll leave it to this... cuz my headache is coming up again o.O noes... And uhm its not very interessting even thouhg this is a very... very... very... very short version of the story 'bout everything what have happend, cuz its way longer... and there is also a part that I didn't like... but I'll just keep it with this...

Sorry for my bad English again... Can't think with this brainless brain =(

" Voor te zwaaien "

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