dinsdag 7 september 2010

Fishing rod and Yellow boots

Today Martijn and I were exchanging some emails, while we had to work for our internship, and he said in one of the emails that his Overenthousiasticly Random He was hanging on the celing!! So in return, I said that my Silly Me would never do something crazy like that... but that she was crazy enough to stand in an aquarium with a fishing rod waiting for a fish to catch... And I told Martijn that I would draw her like that tonight... and so it all begon.... Maby now you know why it's called 'Silly Me'.. at least I hope you understand it... If not... well... I think there is something wrong with you....

Yess well... I also got other NEWS!! I've got a Guestbook!! *wow silly me thats coooool! No its not! Yes it is!!* NOES talking to myself again! Well if you want to write anything down... and your bored... like, always me... or got any suggestions you can write it down in my Guestbook!! *jeej! Thats so wicked awesome!! Silly me... just shut up!* You can find it over there next to that weird 'Home' button-thingy underneath that banner thing... =)

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