zondag 12 september 2010

Strange walls...

I know it's late and I should go to sleep... but as always, I can't!
So I decided to 'up-grade' my wall, and so it happend that I took my marker and draw something on my wall, and the meaning of this is that i draw every week anything new on that wall so it isn't just inhospitable anymore! Sometimes I'm wondering why I'm so bored now and then....

Yay! It's Silly Me!! Don't worry... there are also going to be other things than just Silly Me's, otherwise it is getting so dull. And maby I'll show you in the end how it would look like when I'm done =)

1 opmerking:

  1. Hihi nice! =D Jouw muur is straks echt awesome ^.^

    Ik zat ook te denken om in mn nieuwe kamer wat op de deur te schilderen ofzo :) misschien huur ik je wel in (A)