maandag 11 oktober 2010

Ready to go

Yay! Today I had my "Combacktoschoolday"-Day and I had to talk with my teacher about my final project for school and how my internship went and all that stuff...

I may continue my final project plans!! Yay!!
Really happy about it! The only thing I have to change is the story-line, well just little adjustments :) Because it's way to big, the story that I had till now... So the next couple of weeks I'm gonna work on that, to get it right, and then I have to sent it to my teacher again... before the 15th of November, because then all the teachers will decide if we (all the students) get a "GO" and can definatly start with our projects!!! After I heard the final anwser, if I got a GO, then I will as soon as possible make an Awesome Blog, so you can follow it for your self. But for now... we all (yes me too) have to be patient! ^_^

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