donderdag 18 november 2010

A lot of things going on...

Hey everybody!
I know that it has been a very long time, almost a month I believe, that I haven't update this blog. I'm sorry fot that, but there are some few reasons that I haven't. But I will explain it later to you, because it is a long, not so fun, story.

But for now I want you to know that I made a new blog, special for my final project for school! There isn't much on it yet, because I just made it... like in 10 minutes ago... So still have to change things around there.
It is called Molly's Avontuur, or in English Molly's Adventure. I will upload everything what I make for my schoolproject there, so you can see how everything goes ^_^
But as I said earlier, still not much to find there but it will come!

Thanks for being patient!

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