zaterdag 5 februari 2011

Blue and Awesome

Today I went shopping, and....

Look what I got....


A BAG!!!

Yes I bought a bag in a bag... cuz I had no space in my other bag... and I bought other things that were in the bag, so it was easy to put it all in the same bag! So that means I just had to care two bags! Oké this doesnt make sense anymore... AWESOME!

I just love my new bag! Its blue and Awesomely Cool! I did buy other things too you know, not just only a bag... that's just weird... no it's not. Anyway, I also bought some fabric for my graduation project: Molly's Adventure (also the link so click on it! Yarr!) And tomorrow I'm going to make my characters with Plasticine-clay... if I got the time and nothing comes between, that is! Blah blah blah... enough talk for today! Have a nice weekend!

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