vrijdag 25 maart 2011

The Confrontation

This is what's going on this very moment; The confrontation between Silly Me and my main character Molly from my graduation project. Also the big countdown for my graduation project. I already feel dead. AND it isn't finished yet! Still 3 (if I'm right) weeks to go... NOOOOOOO!! *epic cliche* And yeah I'm so... I don't know what I am, I could be lazy, an insane person, a mad hatter without a hat or just random person who suffers of too much stress at this moment.

I FEEL GOOD! TADADADADUM! I KNOW THAT YOU WOULD NA! *really no idea what the lyrics are*

Anyway love the movie The Good The Bad and The Ugly, and this illustration is based on it, sort of... so yeah!

Must go back to work... *nooooooooo*

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