dinsdag 17 mei 2011


Oh yeah! Ameland is Awesome! So there you have it. What I thought about the 'holiday experience' with my classmates.

Haha ok, there was more and to be honest I don't remember much of it, even when I only got 3 drinks! Anyhow, I'm going to try to tell you about Ameland.

Before you can go to Ameland you need to take the boat... duh! Ameland is an Island. And I can tell you a lot of not that interesting stuff about it, but something that is interesting is this guy:

Why? Because he reminded us to our teacher... And it gets even better! We saw him the whole week! How cool is that? *if you like to be followed by your teacher, yes than it could be cool*

This is the house we were staying at. Cute and it got everything we needed and a local supermarket near by!

*i was bored so i took the picture and added some lines in it so it look like art*

This was in the house... along with furnature of course.

* Ming Vase; some random joke with my fellow clasmates.

Wouw to much already and I even haven't told what we did yet! Alright then, we are going to summarize some things up... ready? Here it goes:

Day 1: We went out; food was nice; we had fun; we went home; watching Coraline (I had a few dvd's with me, one of them was Coraline... love that movie!)

Day 2: My night was terrible (don't worry, I always got that at strange places) Anneloes and I made dinner and it was Awesome. The guys played some soccer (or is it football?) or played some random songs on their guitars. Sebas & Glenn took their guitar with them; really awesome! Stupid of me to forget taking pictures. That night my awesome classmates went out, I didn't cuz I didn't feel like it and the fact I felt terrible.


I spare you the craziest photo's and I am not going to explain the photo's above... but it was great. B)

Day 4: Already clean things up for day 5, cuz than we have to leave at 10:00 am. Clasmates went out again and I didn't! Really, sometimes I'm boring... but I guess I like it that way. Mwhaha. (what i did when they were gone? just watching movies)

Day 5: We left Ameland... and guess what?! We saw our teacher look-a-like again! I'm afraid school wil never leave us alone...

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  1. Lol @ de beach pics :D
    Hey maar ik heb op dag 2 ook Dinner gemaakt!
    En Europeanen zeggen football. Soccer is voor Yanks :P