zondag 8 mei 2011

Busy Bee

WHOOO!!! What a busy week this week was! Have no clue what I have been doing this week! Ok that is not true, I have been doing things this week, like:

Shopping for 'a-classmates-only-holiday' with Anneloes, yes that is the very same person who invade my blog a couple of months ago, right here, and shopping we went! This is how we kinda looked like while we were shopping...

And yes, that is something I do remember, but what I also remember is... I slept a lot... And with a lot, I mean A LOT! All that stress and stuff 'bout my graduation project is like, finally over! Oh wait, I haven't told you yet, about the assesment and the exposition. Uhm. Yes. Well. THEY LOVED IT! Even when it wasn't finished! But don't worry, I will finish my project and you will be the first to see it! But that will come in, lets say, 4 weeks from now. I even put it in my dairy so I won't forget!

I also was asked to make some work for school, so they can use it for their writing paper and leaflets. Funny word. Oh well I also could call it brochure. Who cares!? So I have been doing that, and I send them also some old work I made, and of course some illustrations from my graduation-film. Hope they like it. Here is one I specialy made, and some you might already know like this one and this one and this one also *ok some of them and they are slightly different*

Love drawing frogs!! :D

So yeah I think this was most of the week. And this week I'm going to Ameland... if you want to know what it is, it is a island. I hear you thinking: Never heard of that before! Well that can be possible, because it is a Dutch Island. And it is awesome! At least, I hope this week going to be awesome! Legendary I must say!

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