woensdag 15 juni 2011

The Best Dad Ever!

I know it isn't Fathersday yet, but I just wanted to post this illustration already! It is my Dad! Well, I he sort of is... his hair is much more grey in real than here. But when I did make it grey, he looked so old! And he isn't that old, I think... Yeah I know, I don't know my own fathers age! But that is because the time flies by and I never can see the time flies by, because he is so fast, so if time keep doing that, it will mean that I have no clue what-so-ever about the time!

Anyway! Made this portrait special for my father, because I don't know what to give him on Fathersday!! I hope he likes it... and uh he hasn't seen it, and because he doesn't read this blog, he is not going to find out. Yet. I hope.

The Best Dad Ever! In my opinion that is, because I only got one :P

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