vrijdag 24 juni 2011

When newspapers make you famous

Somewhere this week my mum said to me "Carol you are famous." And I was like 'What??'. And I am famous indeed! Because I am in the local News Paper! Ok, that doesnt make me famous... but it is fun, or weird, to see yourself in the newspaper without knowing that you were going to be in the newspapers. My very good and sweet friend Eline made the picture, because her name was under the pictures (there were 2 pictures) and I am the green one.

I'm painting fish for the volunteerwork that I do in the Summerholiday =P Somewhere on this blog I told you some about it and if you don't remember here is a link to it: *link*

I really look forward this summer! Don't know why, but I think this one is kinda diferent... But we will see and ofcourse I will keep you 'up-to-date' with KVS news!

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