woensdag 10 augustus 2011

The Big Blue Whale goes Social

Hey everybody! Yes another blog update... So in quick succession? Yes. (if that ain't real English, please tell me what it should be!!) Anyways, forget my bad English and just continue to read this blogpost, if it is possible...

Some of you know these guys:


If you don't, you can find them back here: July'10-TBBW

Begin this week I had an brilliant idea, a masterpiece, a, a.. just an idea to use the blue whale again. A couple of months ago I told you about some greetingcards-project I have with my sweet friend Jessica. Plans might have been a bit changed, but we still make cards. So I thought that TBBW would be a very good character to use for a couple of children-greetingcards. So special for you, here is the first one, still in progress but I already start to like this guy

*TBBW: The Big Blue Whale, for if you didn't knew that already ;-)

The cards that I've already have finished can you find on this site: Send A Smile. I only got Dutch cards, but I'm planning on making English ones too!!

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