donderdag 18 augustus 2011


This week I'm doing "Summerschool". You know, having school instead of holiday... Well I've got it, but dont worry I choose for it myself! Because I need it.

Oke, this might need some explaining.

I have registered for the study of primary teacher. Big career switch, even without having a career. But as we all know, teachers know everything, and because I want to become one, and do NOT know everything I have to learn things just like teachers do!

really? I already talk like a weird one already!

So that's why the school gives Summerschool; you learn mathematics and language, in my case Dutch. (Dutch is, even for a Dutchperson a very difficult language!! This is a fact!) And I really sucks at math. I really do... BUT I do understand most of it now! How cool is that! I still can't tell you the answers, but I do know how to calculate it!!

Ok, i still don't....

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