zaterdag 5 november 2011

Looking for Treasure - animation assigment

Looking for Treasure: 'Op zoek naar de Schat'

This is a little animation I had to make with some classmates for primary school children. An exam assigment. I think it turned out OK. It isn't a masterpiece, like i learn to make at GLR, but for the people who never made an animation before, I was glad I could help them and give them advise. So, I'm glad it turned out very well and we have passed this course =)

Just watch it and don't be harsh on it ;)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It's pretty nice actually! But just don't do that constant zooming in-zooming out effect again. It really distracts from the pretty decent (especially for people who never did a stop motion in their entire life) animation.

  2. I know about that zooming in-zooming out effect. I told my classmate about it (she did the editing work) and she said it was already like that (I'm pretty sure it wasn't) But well it is their first time, and I was like: I'm not gonna worry about it, cuz i want to make it perfect, and that isn't possible when you have to make an animation with people who never made one before ;)