zondag 29 januari 2012

Quick blog-update!

Here a quick blog-update! The past two weeks I had test week, and I am very curious what the results shall be! And also many reports made, things went wrong and a lot of quibble. I am glad that is almost over! Yay!

picture: some of my reports... I'm glad they don't have to look perfect, without good design! :P

The first part of my internship is over and I miss the children already! When I'm a teacher I really want to kindergarten! They are so awesome! Anyways. These were the illustrations that I had made for my farewell treat. A princess and a dragon... MY AWESOME RED DRAGON!! *really happy about my dragon*

I hope I can make some more art after my test week is over... I am in the need of drawing! But I dont have time!! *cries... went looking for a new clock*

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  1. Now add two Vikings and the Awesomeness will be complete ;)
    Nice job there!