vrijdag 6 januari 2012

The Hunt for Christmas trees

The holiday is almost over, and I havn't done anything interesting. But I had to make something for this blog, at the beginning of this year. Which reminds me: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Okay, having this said: back to this very day, because my little brother (11 years now.. time flies!) has this holiday been collecting Christmas trees.

Every day he looked at wheter any trees where. And if he found some, he took them with him.

And now he has a very large collection of trees.

The garbage men pick it up and give him 50 cent per tree. (Don't know how many trees he's got, but it is a lot)

And ofcourse, when you got money, you will do the 'Link-got-an-item-pose'! At least, that is what I do when I find something... And it's epic!

You must try it sometime!

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