dinsdag 19 november 2013

Drawing drawing drawing: just a lot of it

Hello, hello!!I't has been a while now since I posted something. But I have been busy, very busy!! With drawing to be exact. Let me explain: I am upgrading my portfolio, so I can send it to a publishing house. And hopefully they will love it, and my dream -to become a childrensbook illustrator- will come true!!
It is allowed to have dreams, yes?

Well something like that. Here are some examples:
the fist one is me,
 and the second one is some work in progress.

Still lots to come, working hard to get it done. Also, working with colourpencils this way is new too me, and I like it!! The only problem would be to find a good scanner. But I'll work on that later. I am also thinking of re-styling this blog, doing dutch/english (no idea why I haven't done that already), and another layout.

A lot of plans, work in progress and a lot of things to do!

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